The world stands with Palestine.

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Oh Allah, forgive me for being selfish, for forgetting to be thankful for all your blessings, for thinking that they weren’t enough, when there are so much suffering in the world.

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When one of you wishes to ask (Allaah)


When one of you wishes to ask (Allaah)

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Shaytan comes at us in different ways depending on our state. When we are at a spiritual high, he comes at us through arrogance and self-righteousness. He tries to make us pleased with our deeds, to make us believe we are perfect, superior, that it is others who need to change. We start to go on a haram police rampage. While naseeha is an crucial part of our faith, we begin to shift the focus from fixing ourselves to fixing everyone else (since we think we are already perfect). For those who have knowledge, shaytan will try to make them feel proud and self-reliant.

When we are at a spiritual low, shaytan comes at us through despair. He tries to make us believe that we are so far and so low, that we should just give up. When we commit a sin, he convinces us that there’s no point in praying or going to the masjid, because we’d be like ‘hypocrites’ if we did. He makes you believe that ‘religious people’ are just all judgemental, so it’s better to stick with your bad company since at least they don’t judge you. When you couldn’t be the perfect muslimah, he convinces you that you might as well just take off your hijab— as if hijab is only for perfect people. As if every hijabi has to first transform into an angel before putting it on. He tells you to give up the fight, because you’re too far away or too low to come back to Allah.

Please understand both of these tactics are deceptions of shaytan. No one is perfect. Not the clubber, nor the scholar. And every soul is just as worthy of coming back to God. There is no amount of sin too great for Him to forgive. His mercy is infinite. All the sins of humanity combined, are finite. There is no distance too great that it cannot be crossed with one single, sincere Tawbah (repentance).

To those who feel spirituality high, remember that no amount of knowledge or worship will make you perfect. We can always improve. And any amount of piety that we do have, is simply a gift, that can be taken, as it was given. To be arrogant over the gift of piety or knowledge is one of the most dangerous types of ingratitude we can show.


Yasmin Mogahed

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#freeGAZA Make dua for your brothers and sisters!

#freeGAZA Make dua for your brothers and sisters!

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The Ummah is too divided!

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"Remain in the company of those who repent excessively because such people have the softest hearts."


-Umar ibn Al-Khattab (رضي الله عنه)

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Anonymous said: what are your thoughts about the white house iftar?


I could turn this into an all out thesis, but I’ll spare that today.

This country is hostile towards Muslims. So much so that those who are even ancestrally associated with or have been mistaken for Muslims (Arab Christians, Sikhs, Hindus etc) are also subject to Islamophobic backlash. Islamophobia is not merely an unfortunate social byproduct, its a state sanctioned form of bigotry and hatred that’s been utilized to export unprecedented amounts of violence to Muslim majority nations. This violence is deployed by direct combat and siege, funding dangerous militias and coups, stunting economies by ways of sanctions, installing puppet dictatorships or supporting occupation and genocides (Palestine and Somali Galbeed by bankrolling Israel and Ethiopia respectively, for example).

Given the deliberately nefarious relationship American politicians have cultivated around Islam and towards Muslims, one should be innately inclined to wonder what the motives of a White house iftar is. Who gets invited? Why? What conversations can and can’t be had with a group of people whose jobs it is to destabilize countries many of us are from? There’s a sharp cognitive dissonance with the fact that some elite Muslims in more lofty positions can attend iftar dinners in the same structure that hosted the most devastating and patently Islamophobic political measures. Drone strikes are signed off in the White House. Sanctions have been approved in the White House. Muslims have been spied on and have had their phones tapped because of decisions made in the White House. How can anyone faithfully say that White House iftars are made in good conscience and with pious intentions when after the plates are cleared, the violence resumes as normal.

In fact, this year, they didn’t even wait to clear the plates. Obama’s pivotal statement was his assessment that Israel had the right to defend itself, thus asserting that Palestinian slaughter was not only justifiable, but necessary. Because when you allow the colonizer further access to massacre the colonized, but extend no sentiment vice versa, that’s what you’re saying. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the dynamic and insidious nature of statements that legitimize settler colonialism and worse, masquerade as if they are victims of brutality in any meaningful or relevant capacity.

Think about why he chose that particular moment to enable Zionist violence. Of all the months of the Islamic year and in the history of Palestinian genocide, using this time to utilize Islam to reinforce the brutality against a Muslim majority region was an egregiously sadistic act. And the cherry on top? No one walked out. So here we have a dinner that is caught on video for millions to see, (which is supposed to hold immense spiritual sentimental value), but instead is used as a platform in which a long standing genocide is endorsed and congratulated and the appearance speaks as if it was approved by the Muslims who attended, because they didn’t walk out.

What does that say to the world about the neutral approach towards Palestinian genocide? What does that say to Muslim Palestinians who have to deal with the instrumentalization of their faith (probably one of the few things that allows them hope to withstand violence) used as a tool against them? What does that say about the disgustingly privileged and opportunistic nature of certain Muslim leaders in the West to our brothers and sisters back home, who are oppressed by both the very apparatus of American politics and our unwillingness to speak out?

This was a reprehensible act of violence. Towards Palestinians first and foremost, and secondarily to all Muslim activists who put their heart, time, soul and efforts in BDS movements. Who have been victims of nonconsensual videotaping, relentless harassment, assault, lawsuits, fired from jobs and expelled from schools to stand up against Israel’s brutality against Palestine.

This is the neoliberal hell we live in. Where liberal governments can pay meaningless lip service and empty gestures towards brutalized minorities, but encroach upon them and utilize them as agents against their own. And franky, anyone who attends White House iftars should be completely ashamed of themselves.

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"Sincere repentance is that the slave (shows) regret for what has elapsed (of his sins) and is determined not to return to them."

Al-Hasan Al-Basri (rahimahullah) [Madaarij As-Saalikeen 1/309-310] (via pearlsofislam)

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July 12 in the Gaza Strip.

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Jewish people in New York protesting for Palestine’s freedom.

Gaza Under Attack

Wow. - Waterman12053

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"Gaza is not a muslim thing, it’s a human thing"

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"Suffering disgrace when being obedient is closer to goodness than winning honor through sin."

Umar ibn Al khattab (radiAllaahu anhu)

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